2 ways to jump start your magical practice

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Hi babes,

In the previous post, I showed you some behind the scenes, of four key ways to access your unlimited potential. You saw the four things that it all comes down to and the exact mindset you need to cultivate. 

One way was to help you understand the fractal nature of reality (because as above so below) and another taught you that you need to develop a united will (and get your unconscious and conscious minds on board). 

Next you learned that you must be in complete approval of the present moment in order to appreciate what you have been manifesting until now and that you are much much more powerful than you think you are.

Today, I’m going to show you two more interesting ways to jump start your magical practice.

For some reason it’s REALLY difficult to envision how things will play out for you.

I understand, I’m a little thick and I need to understand the deeper truths too. 

So that’s why I’m showing you these advanced methods. Not to sell you a course (although I do hope you join), but to help you visualize what your life can look like if you decide to finally take action. 

For example... If you are someone who’s trying to figure out how to get it together in order to be free enough to follow your bliss, it can be challenging - so just make the following applicable to you. 

By visualizing what my life would look like was one of the key steps for me in the beginning. 

So, if you can VISUALIZE what success in having your desired outcome would look like for you, even if your vision is a bit hazy and unfocused, then you’ve made a huge step towards reaching your goal. 

Now on to my professional tips on magic for you, for today…

1. Understand the secret between attachment and desire.

Attachment to getting your result is a symptom of a divided will. 

In any situation where you feel attachment to “getting” something specific, or are feeling the fear of not getting it, you can know that the shadow (a shadow desire) is operating.

For example, as long as I felt attached to “getting” something that I wanted and feared that I would never get it, it wasn’t able to show up. 

You should always be aware that your head creates your world. In fact, your addiction patterns - your expectations, your desires, your attachments, your demands, your mental models - dominate your perceptions of the people and things around you. 

If you are not enjoying every here and now moment in your life, it is because your addictions (otherwise known as desires, attachments, demands, expectations, emotional programming, models of how life should treat you) are making you dwell in the dead past or the imagined future.

They are keeping you from being here now

All there is in your life is the eternal now moment. 

This also means developing the habit of emotionally accepting whatever is here and now in our lives. 

The more you can experience yourself as powerful, satisfied, fulfilled in the present moment, the less attached you’ll be to the results of your magic. 

2. Get into the habit of doing what you say you are going to do.

What does it mean to be impeccable with your word? 

Being “impeccable with our word” means that we stop thinking or speaking in any way that is not constructive, creative, or positive. In order to follow through with this decision, you may have to work hard at first to maintain your awareness.

Our word is the force that we create with and includes everything we express. It includes our emotions, physical actions, thoughts and our attitude. 

Expressing yourself impeccably is to express your self in the direction of truth and love. This includes expressing love, respect, and acceptance for your self. 

We cannot afford to skip over the importance of putting our personal integrity into the work. 

If you habitually don’t keep your word, the Powers that be, the Universe and Magic itself won’t keep your word either.

This means: you can affirm and visualize and cast spells all day long, ain't nothing is going to happen, because there’s no honor and no strength of will in your word.

So as a general rule: if you say you’re going to do something, make sure that you do it.

As this is the only way for you, the people around you, and the universe itself to actually take you seriously.

Being impeccable means acting with the highest standard. In other words, being your best self. 

And these are the 2 single most impactful practices that I’ve ever come to understand and experience first hand. 

I’ve personally seen 100’s of people completely change the direction of their lives by mastering their inner magic and connection to the universe.

But more importantly, YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Most people believe they have to get lucky or spend years researching and trying a bunch of different ideas in order to start being successful enough that their life allows them to have more time, freedom and money. 

Instead, I’ve discovered that knowing what your abilities, the truth of how things really are and the rules of the game (of life) are is far more important if you want to reach your goals. 

  • How to make sh*t easier, use less effort, have more flow, every day, in 6 weeks.

  • How to create a life you desire from the ground up.

  • Be unstoppable as you go through the dark nights of the soul.

  • How to generate effortless changes within your reality with only your mind and intention.

  • How to integrate, trust and ease into shadow work and the manifestation process.

  • Have the exact framework I use to receive signs and synchronicity and connect to the world around you.

I want to help you do this. 

I want to help you build a stable foundation of your magic (what you can control) that allows you to live the life that you want. 

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Tara xo

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