3 ways to skyrocket manifesting your desires

3 ways to skyrocket manifesting your desires fxywlf.png

Did you know that I didn’t start seeing results actually materialize in my life, until I began to really connect to my inner magic and understanding my inner self?

I was holding myself back because I had all the information, though it just wasn't connecting in my mind. The results weren’t coming in, nor were the income, travel, adventures, creativity and deep love I’d been craving to manifest for years… Until I said yes to receiving the inner guidance toward my inspired actions, that were to take me to where I wanted to be and desired. Rather than me trying to think my way out of experiencing it first hand. I was ready to commit myself to seeing some real action and magic happen. I wanted to get down and dirty. Down into my darkest regions if I had to, to manifest my desires. I wanted to connect to the rich, earthy, primal pulse of goddess energy and use THAT to manifest for real in my life.

Metaphysics and magic is an art. The ancients believed it, and I like to think so too. That’s why I teach it. It fuels me. Why depend on any outside sources to get what you need done? Why depend on any outside sources to be happy? 

I don’t just do one ritual here and there and then cross my fingers, praying that the universe will deliver. I do the full energetic work, mind work and then go on to consciously command my energy daily and find ways to weave the energy and concept of mystery and magic into my regular every day life. It’s a lot of fun actually. Way more fun than trying to make things happen, using less than practical techniques and thinking the way society has taught us.

Sure, I love doing spells, positive affirmations, EFT, visualization and all other Law of Attraction approaches… but there’s a much deeper, more darker, more soulful and spiritual way to get what you want.

I’m going to share 3 ways with you where you can literally skyrocket the manifestation of your desires…

1. Inner magic uses the energy of your natural self (both light and dark, conscious and shadow).

Let me ask you something… are you even aware of the magic you have been making in your life up until now?You have been doing it all this time and you have been manifesting your experiences in the world around you.

That’s right. You didn’t just end up where you are all of a sudden. You are where you are because you had to experience the events that have happened and played out in your life - to learn what you needed to learn in your life. 

All of those events came together and brought you to this moment right now. Now, you can learn how to get to where you want, by taking control of that same exact energy that got you where you are now.

The same thing goes for creating everything else in life. You have to stop getting caught up in your head and the clouds and get real. 

2. Inner magic is a way more pleasurable path.

As humans, we’re wired to move away from pain and towards pleasure. We’ll do anything to get away from pain, even sit in numbness.

I don’t know about you, but when I was listening and practicing some other manifestation techniques, before I unearthed the kind of secret “magic” techniques and ideas that all the ancients and modern teachers were talking about… It’s about following your desires and going after what you really want and through that also discovering your Self.

On this path only did I see results. Until then, I wasn’t having much fun. I felt numb, unfulfilled and frustrated. 

Why wasn’t anything happening? Why were the tangible results missing and blocked from manifesting outwardly in my life? Because I wasn’t enjoying the process and I was still always thinking of the “outcome” instead of living the process.

In fact, I teach you how to apply specific energy and the concept of your soul infused into your magic, so that you can feel more fulfilled while you get what you want, and create your life by design. 

Imagine getting connected in a more realistic and universally supported way even while you’re facing your deep, dark shit? And visualizing things coming true while you’re body is vibrating high with infinite ethereal and real energy… And doing shadow work that feels oddly pleasurable to do…

BECAUSE it opens you up to the wholeness of your authentic raw self.

Imagine attracting things your way not only WHILE you get off being blissful and powerful, but BECAUSE you got off being blissful and powerful. I still love doing other practices for manifesting, but now, I feel more fulfilled because I do not deny my natural much more infinite state, energy or spirit anymore.

3. Inner magic requires ALL of you to show up.

I like to think of doing “magic” (making things happen with your will) as a form HOLISTIC manifestation. As in, manifesting from your whole being. Not just a part of you. And by whole being that means the deep, dark, murky parts of you —  your shadow self.

I struggled with my inner magic at first because I wanted to be skeptical and pretend that it didn’t include everything from the lower chakras or my inner darkness. But my inner magic allowed me to finally be aware of, accept, embody and come into full energetic alignment with my WHOLE self, especially the parts I consider taboo, bad, dirty, wrong, shameful or unacceptable. The parts that are constantly searching for love, fulfillment, belonging and acceptance. If you commit to awakening to your inner self, you will begin to heal and come into full alignment with every single aspect and side of you. Wouldn’t it be better to manifest with ALL of who you are, rather than just a teeny bit?

If you know you want to join us for some serious awakening, manifestation and inner magic, you can learn more here. Join us!

Tara xo

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