6 habits of WEALTHY magical people

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Hi loves,

As I learn to run a business, I still freak out sometimes over money stuff, as most of us humans do. And by freak out, I mean my heart still tends to unconsciously race and I start thinking distracting thoughts that feel like an impending sense of doom descending over my existence…

So, I have to remember to check myself. 

Ever since becoming aware of my tendency to be ‘like this’ - I’m always on the lookout for both magical and mundane means of handling and improving my personal relationship with money.

Today, I want to present some radically helpful habits that I learned from my own journey of working with wealth magic to radically expand my having-ness level with money… as in, going from zero to hero… (after quitting my job and kinda sorta living on / around and below the poverty level for years, and now I run a successful location-independent business).

With these following habits in place, I still freak out over money sometimes…

But way less than I used to. ;)

1. Relate to ‘the Spirit of Money’ as a loving energy that can be summoned.

A lot of spiritual and sensitive folks have a tendency to react against this. 

Some even try to be self righteous in refusing serving money by opting out as much as possible from the consumerism (usually giving away our services cheaply or for free and living in poverty consciousness).

I did that for a long time myself, and many people I love and respect a lot are still doing that…

But, rebelling against money and dropping out of the system isn’t ultimately effective. It’s still a form of  fuelling the energy you hold about money with the energies of refusal, rejection, aversion, shame.

In this scenario of refusal to bow down to money, you get to have your hypocritical purity, but not much else.

Relationships, happiness, and health all tend to erode under the pressures of poverty. Everything we know in society is rigged in such a way right now that if you just try to opt out, you’ll most likely just end up getting crushed by it.

Alternatively, it’s possible for us to learn how to relate to money as a cheeky, sexy, energy and spirit, to be appreciated and commanded and not as a fearsome, powerful God to be served or rebelled against

In other words, the Spirit of Money is definitely an archetypal force to be reckoned with.

What's not yet so widely understood, is that money and all the energies surrounding it (sales, business, debt, gifts, receiving) have exactly the same excellent potential within it that can be used as fuel for non-dual awakening.

As Money itself is a legitimate spirit at the heart of our social world - a brilliant, loving, sometimes sadistic being who gives us exactly the catalytic experiences we need to understand, practice real magic and grow.

Some days if us are even fortunate enough to experience radical non-dual awareness on command, where you can sense the entire matrix of interlocking paradoxes within the fabric of reality and feeling as if you have absolute control over the flow of money through manipulation of the matrix (through your imaginative / conscious intention).

When we radically begin to learn to embrace the Spirit of Money, it requires of us the wholehearted embrace of the dancing illusions behind the scenes of the perceptual, sensual, sensorial world -which money, as a representation of beauty, is a holographic manifestation of (your larger etheric body, Maya; the great symbol, Mahamudra).

And, of course, embracing money as a form of the divine, is required in order to fully experience eros, erotic love and abundance.

Experiencing the entire universe as being all things in your reality and external experience; every atom, cup of tea, and debit card, being a part of the body — leads naturally to the experience of life as the soul’s lover.

If you’ve ever been with a truly spectacular lover, you know that the bliss of the experience comes not just from their capacity to give you precisely what you want… but perhaps even more importantly, from their capacity to temporarily withhold precisely what you want.

Because we are constantly in psychic (and physical) contact with our portion of the universe’s body, and because of that our desires are wrapped up in all interactions with it.

2. Focus on your connectedness, radiance, self-worth and earning power first and foremost.

It makes sense to me that the Spirit of Money, doesn’t really like to be hoarded up in a stuffy old bank somewhere. 

Money likes to be out in the world, flowing through hands, out on the street, making stuff happen in your life and the world. To be out there making others (and yourself) happy.

One of the most common understandings of money is that it is a representation of value—which may be a simplistic definition, but is still an important one. People often think receiving money or romantic love somehow requires a strong sense of “self-worth” or “value”—but this is a myth. Rather, “worth” is a concept based in separation (dualistic view); receiving comes from the experience of all-embracing unity (non-duality) which takes gritty and often humiliating magical work to access.

“Value” is a somewhat sterilized term for “radiance”, “beauty” or “desirability”; and so to the extent that the essence of existence is beauty, all of our perceptions of existence are also representations of value. 

In other words, all human perception - inasmuch as it is linked to desire, or the intuition of beauty - is a kind of money.

So therefore, the best thing to do with your is to invest in and find beauty and radiance right now in yourself. 

You must move from a pervasive sense of unworthiness and melt into a deep knowing of personal worth, radiance and value.

Here is where over time you work your energy to move from feeling trapped in cycles of spending everything you make, into living with a beautiful balance of spending, having, and investing.

3. Practice being self-confident and shameless every day.

Shame is a giant energy drain. It steals all the energy you could be otherwise using to play with the Spirit of Money, and to generally enjoy life and create meaningful change.

Shame is the ultimate magic killer.

I’ve noticed that many people (including myself) have all been conditioned to be ashamed of our incarnated existence. 

We’re ashamed of our dreams, ashamed of the shape our faces, bodies, ashamed of our sex, ashamed of our desire for power and wealth and undying happiness.

And of course, being uncertain about our right to take up space is a rather direct route to being trampled on. So, I like to heartily encourage myself — and everyone else — to drop it.

The obstacles we subconsciously believe to be true about ‘receiving anything’ are based in very, very deep ego-ic patterns connected to the rejection of different aspects of our own souls - and thus reflections of those aspects happen in the outer world.

Just like, in order to fully receive devotional love from a partner, we need to fully embrace all aspects of ourselves… and, if we want to receive money magically, we need to do exactly the same thing.

All the magical work one must do with allowing ourselves to feel desire itself is to heal one’s relationship to money, which inevitably bleeds healing into everything else.

Any rejection of some aspect of the soul - be it beautiful and pure, or apparently hideously twisted - results in a psychic block to receiving that aspect’s experiential reciprocals in the world. In practical terms: if we reject our own darkness, we can never fully receive devotional love for that darkness from a partner…

If we reject our own sensual desires, we can never fully experience carnal rapture…

And if we reject any aspect of ourselves connected to money and all its shadows, we can never receive, enjoy, and fully have money itself.

Conveniently, since the shadows connected to money are so incredibly important, much of the work we do will melt through precisely the same obstacles that we have to “receiving / having” that are involved in subconsciously staving off a loving relationship.

I know that’s very easy to say and quite hard to do, and still I want to invite you to begin with the following practice. 

Each and every time you feel stuck and paralyzed by the sticky hot heavy feeling of shame (for any old reason at all), or you're feeling any sense of scarcity and lack at all in your life today - take a moment to softly, sweetly, humorously, non-judgmentally relax and sink into that sticky hot feeling of shame or lack. Let yourself wallow in the dangerous pleasure of it - with zero shame. 

Let it change you, let it heal you… and call me in the morning. ;)

I'd say that all the dark problems that seem to be connected to money are actually much more primally connected to the way that human souls deal with desire, power, and agency. 

And as far as I can tell, shame is the primary hypnotic force that alienates everyone (especially women) from our own magic and effectiveness in the world. 

Obviously the work of letting go of shame is rather deep, complex, and ongoing stuff. But, imagine for one moment what the world would be like if suddenly all women on the planet woke up tomorrow feeling entirely shame-free, 100% undrained by the burden of feeling bad about themselves, their bodies, their sex, their power, for any reason.

What might those shame-free billions of women do? How might they alter the structure of our existence? What would that look like? Looks fucking beautiful, doesn’t it?

4. Anchor your juju and money mojo with magical workings.

The extent of my money magic used to just be some good old fashioned vision boards. 

Visioning and visualization is all very well, but things picked up a lot with my wealth witchery when I started getting more playful, inventive, and concrete with it (such as making definitive choices in having).

A major breakthrough for me came when I began to get my hands dirty with actual money-attracting spells with real live magical rituals, mirrors, candles, sigils, oils, herbs, stones, power objects, and mojo bags, the planets and the moon.

A fascinating magical principle that I came across was: If I want to see material manifestation, it was important to me that I anchor my magic (through my conscious and unconscious minds) in the material world, through talismans, herbs, oils, candles, stones, graveyard and crossroads dirt, sigils, etc.


Then waiting for the universe to deliver the goodies.

5. Be honest even if that means saying the most uncomfortable thing.

So much of our power lies in our penetrating vision, our ability to see what others can’t or won’t see, and then our willingness to name what we see.

Accurately naming, of course, is an ancient and well-known means of gaining power over something. It’s still absolutely effective.

This means saying the uncomfortable, honest thing: to our friends, clients, partners, customers. It means being willing to experience the uncomfortable sensations of tension, heat, conflict.

In other words, inner freedom comes from expressing ourselves directly, wholly and truthfully, and from not trying to hide anymore. Hiding and lying are energy drains.

So when you free yourself from hiding, lying, avoiding, you free up your energy, free up your creativity… and then you become much more capable of generating and sustaining wealth and all the relationships of trust that go into doing good business.

6. Drop any preconceived ideas about who you are and what’s possible for you.

I mean what do you know? I’m fairly quick to roll my eyes and back away when anyone wants to tell me about how “The truth is, we can do and be anything we want! We’re all limitless!”

It is true to an extent.

Now, this may sound a little strange. The truth is we’re all going to die, which is a fairly hard limit - and having more money doesn’t seem to help much with that fact.

For example, my soul or spirit or whatever might go on forever in an ecstatic love and lux party in the sky, but this here entity made of flesh and blood - this woman with long flow-ey blonde hair named Tara, who gets PMS and who cries and who eats and fucks and writes - that girl, she’s gonna be dust in the ground in about 70 more years max (who knows). So, there’s that. And the same goes for you.

But death isn’t simply an end to life—it is a limitation of life’s span. We may want to do many things, experience many things, or become many things… but we can’t, because our days are numbered.

So there's one version of attaining immortality which involves not necessarily extending the number of our days, but rather expanding the quality of our days - so that we can do and experience and become more of what we really want within the time that we happen to have. And the Spirit of Money does make this possible, to a great extent. 

Through this gift of freeing us from the limit of having to do all labor all the time for ourselves, for massive healing and wellness and expansive experiences - the Spirit of Money allowed us to taste the fruits of multiple lives in the span of a single one, and more.

And so… as I have seen repeated evidence over my years of personal and magical experience, that while there may be some hard physical limits in this game here on earth, most of the limits I perceive myself to have been imagined. And continue to prove to be so. They’re illusions, and are those flimsy stories are free to fall away.

I’ve found that my ability to create wealth, for example, absolutely didn’t budge until I became willing to fundamentally change my identity of who I thought I was. 

Such as, instead of thinking of myself as a struggling, misunderstood, unappreciated artist, I began to practice thinking of myself as a businesswoman. And weirdly, magically, it turned out that I’m a successful businesswoman. I’m actually a lot better at being a businesswoman than I ever was at being a misunderstood, unappreciated artist. Not surprised. 

So a useful thing to ask ourselves continually might be… Who do I imagine that I am? What if that wasn’t actually true at all? What if I’m actually something entirely different? Period.


While the view of the entire universe as an incredible, souled, and very kinky lover, can be practiced immediately on its own… it can be tricky (and potentially overwhelming) to start so big. This means that learning to relate intimately to the Spirit of Money as the incredible banished spirit that has a massive impact on unlocking one’s capacity for experiencing all of life as a brilliantly souled lover.

And - when we begin to develop the real, experiential view of the world as an incredible lover…

This energy often synchronistically fractals into the manifestation of experiencing a loving relationship with an actual, physical, human lover.

This is why I’m never surprised when clients who begin working intimately with the Spirit of Money end up finding a breathtaking new romantic partnership. The universe likes to rhyme - and a devoted human lover rhymes perfectly with a devoted universal lover.

The more avoidance, suspicion, or disgust you have about money, the more effective doing seeing things in this way is for creating this kind of caveat like shift in your soul.

As with any practice, it’s best to begin simple… 

Try starting with the following:

  1. Close your eyes, and visualize the Spirit of Money in front of you. Feel free to change pronouns to what works for you.

  2. Notice how she looks to you - because she will reveal herself to you in a way that no one else quite sees her.

  3. Introduce yourself.

  4. And now ask her how many dollars (or whatever your preferred currency) that she wants you to receive in the next two weeks.

  5. Then ask what she wants from you for that to happen.

  6. Write down what she says.

  7. Commit to doing what she asks of you, and receiving what she wants to give. Then see what happens. Rinse, repeat and watch your relationship with the Spirit of Money grow and grow.


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Love always,
Tara xo

PS. Remember to feel free to drop me a line about anything on your mind. 

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