a crucial magical practice

a crucial magical practice fxywlf.png

Hi babes,

Any time you notice yourself beginning to forget...

Remembering your own inner power is always available to you - to help you softly re-awaken your soul to the universe’s undying and eternal truth.

Just place your hands on your heart and ask to remember.

And now you have two options.

Option #1: Keep being someone who just dreams about the life that they've always wanted. Create lofty goals and expectations that goes nowhere.

Option #2: Let me help you build a foundation for co-creating your reality, in alignment with your soul and the universe, that will allow you to live the life you want (not the one you are “forced” or “fated” to live).

To have the universe and your higher self show you how to strengthen your natural abilities.

To prove to you that you CAN have a life filled with things you are crazy about.

To focus on what you are passionate about.

To really be free.

To begin again and shock yourself with how easy it is.

What’s it going to be?

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PS. For those of you who've always known that true magic is the hidden secret at the heart of life - but occasionally have trouble bridging the gap between that truth and the day-to-day of practical magic — I’ve created a comprehensive guide to reclaim real-life magic in my course MAGICAL RITUALS: RADICAL MAGIC.

You can click here to join us on what will be an absolutely breathtaking magical carpet ride.

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