how to harness synchronicity

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Hi babes,

Take a guess...

What's the #1 question people have about magic, witchiness and spirituality?

Answer = How do I trust myself and my abilities?

Where do I start?
How long is it going to take?
How do I believe in it?
How to break my current programming?

… ..

Solid question.

Most people look at this as a looooong ­term play. As something that can takes years to come together and even more years to gain necessary experience. That's silly.

I was having a conversation the other day in live chat with someone looking at signing up for Magical Rituals. And we were having this exact convo.

I told them... There is NO reason you can't start gaining experience today and begin to get answers from the universe (in the form of synchronicities) immediately. Sooo..... I’m showing you how to prove it for yourselves.

To give you an advantage for your 48 hours challenge, I am going to tell you exactly how to harness synchronicity for yourself. Are you nervous yet? Don't be!

Because when you start experiencing synchronistic events, this is the universe sending you information or providing you with confirmation. Synchronicity is the sign that opens you up to the potential future happenings of something better occurring in your life. It shows you that there is a hidden layer to your life and that synchronicity how you can peek behind the veil and see reality for what it is… ;)

In case you are not sure what to look out for - here are some examples of how “synchronicity answering your questions” will look like:

  • You may see a sign that holds meaning or relays a message to you.

  • Someone will mention the exact thing you are thinking about, such as a name of a place.

  • Someone will mention something that relates to what you are thinking about.

  • You may see all of this happen within 24 hours or less!

This energy is usually defined as: random, against all odds, lucky, out-of-the-blue, or miraculous… and it can be created or kick-started intentionally.

So, how do you do it?

YOU can harness synchronicity for yourself, when your desire, wish and expectation for an experience (both conscious and subconscious) outweighs any of your limited thinking (fears, and uncertainties) about it. BOOM.

And synchronicity comes to you.

At that point, everything in your becomes much easier and everything starts falling into place - because anything you expect with confidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy (oh yeah, that part). That means that whatever you think, decide or fear will happen.

You should have no problem by now with coming up with a question in order to start seeing responses from the universe immediately. Because if I can do it, you can too.

Your reality will immediately provide you with the answers that you seek in the form of feedback that will only be recognized by you. The message should feel and be very precise and not something that you are still unsure about.

Most often magic and synchronicity shows up when we are being inattentive to the habitual and are not fully attending to the present moment.

It’s a rare moment for me where my reality doesn’t sync up in some way to something I’ve been thinking / doing / saying / happening around me. It happens constantly. Such as while I was writing this very post, the words I am writing have been syncing up with music playing, or with words that I hear coming out of my husbands or daughters mouths.

Getting the universe to respond to you doesn’t have to be complicated either. The key is to be very specific when asking for synchronistic guidance and being direct with your soul. By speaking clearly inside your mind - as though you are writing a letter with your words or thoughts to your higher self (or god or the universe - whoever).

The universe wants us to be very direct and clear with what we want, need and ask for. It wants the facts.

Specific. Specific.

You can even feel free to ask the universe for backup guidance. Guess what’ll happen? With your attention on alert and cued for any signals /synchronicities - confirmation will be really clear.

Step #1: Ask your question. Hand on heart.
Step #2: Do other stuff that normally keeps you busy. Stop thinking about it.
Step #3: Write down up to 3 signs / synchronicities that come to you (or that happen to you) in relation to your question.

Give yourself 48 hours - for solid confirmation and to follow through with any guidance.

If you are willing to ask for help from the loving Angels that surround you, you will see answers and support with SPEED.

How’s that for immediate gratification?

This is going to be interesting.


The only Rule is that you have to pay sacred attention.

What do you think? Think you’ll be able to do it?

Report back in the comments and let me know how this goes for you.

What mini-miracles, plot twists and cosmic guidance graced your existence today?

What signs did you see? What synchronicities did you experience?

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Also, in the Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Facebook Community, I’m sharing tons of details on these kinds of experiments. And even getting feedback and suggestions from the students.

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