more backstory + 3 fatal mistakes and how to avoid them

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Hi loves,

Yesterday I told you the story of a huge life change that I made and how my passion-less job was destroying my life. 

I stopped paying attention to my own much deeper wants and needs.

Soon after, I started experiencing events that took me from waking up spiritually, to receiving conceptual downloads while I was laying down in bed (supposed to be sleeping), to having my first O.B.E, to suddenly finding myself extremely driven and motivated to dig deeper (and deeper) into my search for my higher self. 

My body had tanked to get me to make changes, to finally start focusing on what I was meant to focus on. 

I was doing my best to heal myself of my anxiety. I found that the most effective method was from placing my left hand (the receiving hand) just under my belly button, and I felt the anxious energy drain away, and I remind myself that in this present moment nothing I fear can harm me and everything that I need I already have - and that when and if my fears came true, I would handle it responsibly.

This was basically miraculous. 

Before you knew it, I was researching everything related to “spirituality” and “awakening”. 

I discovered that the whole “ascension thing” started happening in the early 1980’s-1990’s and then in 2012. Now that I was awake to this spiritual realization I began looking everywhere to understand what was real / true and what did it all mean. 

I mean really and practically. 

What’s it got to do with me, you know - and why does it even matter?

At the time, there was a lot of fear porn because the internet made it look like anybody talking about spiritual awakening or ascension was crazy. 

Here is what “ascension” and “spiritual awakening” is: it a uniquely personal experience of waking up and remembering who and what you really are. 

You are a soul inside a physical body and you have forgotten everything, so that you can remember again who you are.

It seems circular - but to Spirit, this reincarnation game is a fun, novel and cutting edge thing to do. This is how we grow.

Prior to being introduced to spirituality in 2012, I had no model for living in alignment with my soul nor how to communicate with my higher self. 

I realized that I was starting to dislike being distracted and bombarded by usual forms of programming: cable tv, radio, advertisements, magazines, reading the mainstream news channels, because they kept me in drift mode, in fear / worry / anxiety mode and most importantly from accessing my intuition.  

The reason? 

For the most part of my life and I was caught up and had lost sight of WHY I (my souls purpose) had came here in this life, to be Tara, in the first place. 

As a result of my awakening, I realized how: I had been making dumb decisions, was distracted, feeling low frequency emotions (like superiority, materialism, career and self obsessed, jealous, reacting defensively, unable to take criticism, anger, bad judgement, etc)…

… and suffered the humbling embarrassment of being forced to become more aware and make the changes that I was being guided to make or the universe was going to make them for me. 

Let me ask you a question... 

Would you ever start building a house without a clear picture of what you wanted it to look like and on un-even land? No. That wouldn’t make sense. 

Yet the #1 mistake you make is not clearly articulating WHAT you want to achieve, and WHY you want to achieve it.

But don’t worry. We’re going to fix that. :) 

Yesterday, I gave you two action items: 

Action Item #1: Write down your #1 goal. 

Action Item #2: Clearly articulate your WHY. 

The responses that came in were incredible.

If you didn’t acknowledge where you are right now and write down your WHAT and WHY yesterday, take 5 minutes and do that now. 

We’ll wait on you. 

... .. . 

Once you finish, hit reply and share it with me. 

How to make your goal “happen”…


Now you’re super clear on what you want... 

  • A stable happy family.

  • A house.

  • $7,000 a month without having to needed directly with people.

  • To decrease the stresses responses in my body that occurs from being stressed about bills.

  • Not to pick up on others negative energies.

  • To create a massively impactful coaching/energy work/yoga business that supports women.

  • $10,000+++ a month consistently doing this work so I can have more time & space in my life for creativity, travel & doing this amazing, powerful coaching work that my heart is calling me to.

  • To have the time potential open to feel like I can choose to create a child with my partner-or not.

The big question now is how do you get there? 

How can you achieve the goal that you’ve set? 

One of the best and simplest pieces of practical metaphysical advice I’ve ever seen on manifesting massive life­ changing goals, is this one:

responsibility fxywlf.png

When we were young, we weren’t taught anything about our spiritual nature, yet here we all are. 

At some point or probably still, we navigate through life with only what we were told (by family and society) as reasons to do things. We feel because of this, that the world is unfriendly, chaotic and something to fear. 

It also helps to first acknowledge WHERE you are right now - because the present moment will tell you everything you need to know about what you have been creating, until now.

I distinctly remember a few months after my waking up experience, I intuitively heard the thoughts of “stop worrying about what they think and who cares if he says no.” It had something to do with something I wanted to do and bringing it up to Mika.

Up until then I had been dealing with projecting my fear, doubt, anxiety and potential disappointments, and I let all those thoughts get the best of me. 

I knew intuitively that I couldn’t move forward until I could 100% articulate what I wanted and why I wanted it. Without any negative projections from me.

The EXACT same thing is probably true in your life.

The reason you haven’t achieved your #1 goal yet is because you have been drifting day in and out and are letting yourself talk you out of it.

Your job rather, is to avoid making a FATAL mistake. 

So I’m going to show you 3 more fatal mistakes that I’ve made and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Focusing on anything outside of your control.

Most people worry about everything that could go wrong, depend on others for how they feel and feel like life is happening to them.

It feels nice and warm and cuddly to always be rightly disappointed with life yet again. But’s it’s also depressing and completely ignorant of the way things actually work. 

Projecting how things can go wrong is a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s also a distraction. I’ve fallen into this trap more times than I can count. 

Many uncontrollable variables in my life were controlling me - which was the one thing I could control.

Instead of feeling disappointed by others, or distracted by your fears and believing in your current circumstances…

You need to focus on one thing.

Your next step.

Forget about what the thoughts in your head are saying. How fast you go from inspiration and idea to implementation of your next steps - is one of the top indicators that you’ll succeed in whatever you do. 

Inspiration is fragile and synchronicity only strikes once. 

If you wait until later, the moment will be gone, you will be busy doing other things, and will be much less passionate than you are right now. You will have to wait for that moment to strike again.

You build momentum by taking the next steps. There is always something that you can do where you are right now.

When you see the first seeds of your goal taking root and start seeing it through intentionally, that will generate more momentum and feedback from the universe and it will provide you with all of the signs, symbols, and synchronicities that you’ll need to follow the flow and act, quickly, easy and effortlessly.

Mistake #2: Not being authentic and not communicating honestly. 

This is how it typically goes... 

We all tend to wear masks in our lives, are afraid of being our true selves and expressing our desires.

This is not about asking anyone outside of yourself for permission to be yourself. 

It’s about freeing yourself to accept yourself, take your masks off and allow your authenticity to be mirrored back to you - through other people or situations.

You would be incredibly surprised by how the universe will unknowingly influence others to supporting you on your path, plus also provide you with everything you need to know to follow the breadcrumbs to get closer to making your goals a reality. 

When you just hide and say nothing, you lose motivation, your passions die and it takes you months to recover or gather the same energy and momentum again. 


What they THINK doesn’t matter. It only matter what you think and how you think.

The only question that matters is (place both your hands on your heart): “Do YOU want it?” And “Why?”

Mistake #3: Not following your intuition. 


It’s too easy to say that you don’t have an intuition or a gut instinct. We’ve been through this, I’ve been though this. 

The truth is… 

You are not your mind and you are not your body. You are soul that is made up of conscious awareness and it surrounds your body and everything around you. Your body and external environment is an extension of who you are and your much larger self. You also cannot separate yourself from your higher self. It just does not and cannot happen.

The problem with not realizing this firsthand is that you think you have to do everything by yourself. 

This kind of limited thinking will only take you so far. I mean, how has it been going for you so far?

You need more.

You need direction from a higher vantage point that can see where you are trying to go. You need to feel like you are in alignment with your soul and to feel supported by life itself.

This takes first-hand experience. 

Question 1: Are you allowing the universe and your higher self help you?

Question 2: Are you taking your desires seriously or being accountable on taking the necessary steps?

If your answer is “no,” then stop and go figure out why right now. Get a mastermind group. Start one if you need to. 

Ask yourself what you are afraid of.

Then offer those fears up to the universe and your higher self.

This is VITAL to you reaching your goals, following through on your intentions and manifesting your desires. 

Avoid fatal mistakes and do this instead.

Most people believe they have to wait for such and such day before they finally do what they always dreamed of doing. 

Instead, I’ve discovered that building a list of things you want to have or experience is far more important if you want to have any success in achieving them. 

A list allows you to be specific and tells you what is important to you. 

A list lets the universe respond to your intentions, rather than you not participating in this process at all and letting life “happen” to you.  

A list gives you the freedom to know yourself better and the benefit of starting off on the right foot. 

A list is your safe spot to put all your ideas that come to you as you are busy dealing with household duties / responsibilities that you need to do each day.

The universe will provide you with everything you need in every moment. 

Whether the idea, the dream, the message, the phone call, the response, the inspiration, the heads up… you’ll get it if you pay attention.

On Friday, I’m going to show you how to create a manifesting list and how to use it to reach your goals. We’ll chat then.

Tara xo 

PS: Your action item for today is three ­fold:

Action Item #1: Write your goals and intentions down on a piece of paper. Try to make it short and sweet in a sentence that is in present tense.

Action Item #2: Now take that piece of paper and tape it to the wall in above your computer monitor. 

Every time you spend on Work, Email, Reddit or Social Media… 

Every time you listen to another podcast, or read another blog post... 

Your goal will be staring you in the face and asking you "Why have you done today that is your next step and why aren't you spending time working on me instead of doing whatever else you're doing?" 

The final product should look like this... 

fxywlf $10k per month.JPG

Action Item #3: Practice feeling confident expectation of all this or better. In my mind I usually say to myself, “Omg! I did it. I did it. I did it. I received / manifested _____ and it was so easy.” 

That feeling you get when you let your body feel the emotions of it being true is you start to vibrate with and become a magnet for what you want.

Now, get to work. :) 

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