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Magic is the natural and innate ability that you happen to already have to gather towards you, all of the subtle, unseen forces and power of the universe; combine them with your own will & power and then focus this energy to bring something in or out of your life.

This is manifesting.

One of the most traditional, esoteric and successful ways of doing this is to set your intention / cast a spell (which is very similar to a prayer or wish).

The practice of this craft is ancient, sacred and powerful.

It is an art that once mastered, can help you to create the life that you wish to live in the most, magical, blissful and graceful way. On purpose.

To simplify this even further, “spells” and “intentions” are usually written, but they can also be something that is said aloud - like an affirmation. These can be both written down and spoken aloud for even more power.

Here at FXYWLF, you'll find some in-depth articles about the things that are dear to us. Sharing information about magick, mysticism, metaphysics and the "law of attraction" (ie. manifesting) is the sacred core of our practice and teachings.

Tara & Michael Pilaprat xo

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