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Hi loves,

Just a friendly Sunday morning note...

If you followed along with the 48 ­Hour Synchronicity Challenge, you know that I’ve opened up registration to my new course on how to build a powerful and practical manifestor, Magical Rituals: Radical Magic.

This is the exact system that I have used to build confidence in myself, heal my relationship with my higher self / the universe / my shadow self and subconscious and navigate life successfully while (learning how to) working for myself.


Turns out, the next biggest problem you now have is taking action.

Over analyzing things.

Coming up with excuses for not moving forward.

I want to rip every one of those barriers down.

So, I’m going to talk about what happens if you celebrate what has yet to become manifest.

In being celebratory for what has not yet shown up in your life, you facilitate and fuel its manifestation in your life. Because of its simplicity, most people won’t think it’s worth the time or the effort. But I am here to invite you to celebrate your future abundant reality now and watch the successes that you have been asking for to start rolling in to your life. If you truly want to change your life you need to change your vibration to receive what you want and have been asking for.

What I’m asking you to do is to start counting your blessings. You’ll discover, that when you celebrate now, you begin to release much of your overall energetic resistance towards your goals and dreams; and successes would thereby follow whenever you release any resistances to receiving it.

When I say celebration, what I mean is — that you create some ritual, act, celebration or symbol, that to you represents the attainment of the desired situation. Chances are you will also begin to notice little ways you block your receptiveness to good things, compliments and other forms of abundance and support. The joy you will feel by celebrating as if you were already enjoying what you want will eliminate a lot of the blocks that are standing in your way of actually receiving what you want.

When you are able to do this at depth; readily experiencing celebrations of the future as premonitions; you are in effect anchoring something that synchronicity can connect to.

Thereby generating the very future that you are celebrating.


I go into this topic in detail AND more, in Magical Rituals: Radical Magic.

Learn more here.

So, stop procrastinating and go enroll now.

You can be building your undying relationship with the universe in the next 5 minutes. ­


PS: When you start to make things manifest on purpose, the first thing you have to do is pre-celebrate for when you hit your goal.

Here is your action item for today:

Action Item #1:
Hit reply and tell me what you are pre-remembering and pre-celebrating right now.

It can be a dance, a fun symbol of the moment like a raise the roof, some hot sex, a fancy favourite dinner, cake or desserts, candles, a bit of wine or champagne, or maybe even a self-loving gesture like booking a massage.

This is your pre-“Hail Mary” moment.

Do whatever feels ‘celebratory” to you.

What's it going to be? :D

Comment below and let me know.

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remembering the future fxywlf.png