8 signs you are aligned with the universe

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One of the first things that I dived head first into understanding was the universal principles and laws that govern this world, our universe and reality.

What I discovered through research and doing the work - was that YOU are who rules and governs your reality, and here is how you’ll know for yourself…

1. You know your thoughts are a greater force than matter, energy, and power combined.

You are aware that you are made of something much greater than you could ever have imagined. Each one of us is a part of the Universal Source - where all beings and all things truly manifest from. Everything that exists all around you, such as your body, your chair, your desk, your computer, your house, your city… is actually just refined matter, which is Spirit.

You understand the theory that mental thought penetrates every plane of existence. Really, all of these planes are just forever held inside of the Mind of the All. The greater reality, and everything in it, first has had its origin in the invisible Mental Plane. Your mind is a part of the Universal Mind, with merely degrees of difference and you know through your own experience, the true natures of ‘Energy,’ ‘Power’, and ‘Matter’; and that they are subordinate to the mind.

You know that everyone’s personal world, as well as the collective reality that we share is actually a manifestation of our minds and is an extension of our own body. You are aware that we are the creator and the creation itself and that it is only through your mind, that anything and everything can even begin to become manifest.

2. You know when you change your thoughts you change your world.

You have heard the old Hermetic saying, “As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul.” Even deeper still, you know that the above statement declares that your current outer world is nothing more or less than nature’s mirror that reflects what is within you. This mirror shows us firsthand what is actually happening inside of us.

You know deep down why all of the self-help books out there are written intrinsically about how to change your life from the inside out - and that your inner nature is always being revealed to you through reflections in your outer mirror (reality/experience). You understand its language.

You are aware that any thoughts and images you happen to think about inside of your mind, say, and believe begin to manifest themselves quickly in your external world. You know that the subconscious mind takes everything as it is, does not filter any of what it is given, and begins to re-create exactly what it is you are focusing on the most. So, you know that no matter what, whatever you do on the microcosmic level, create within your subconscious mind, so you will also do on the macrocosmic level, the physical plane.

You understand that it is your job as an incarnated spirit (inside a human body) to fully and completely choose how you want to emotionally react (vibrate) to that which happens to you, as we have the free will to choose how we respond because we have full access to the full range of expressions available to being human (emotions and frequency).

3. You know that by changing your thoughts you change your vibration.

You know that everything is in constant motion (because physics, duh) and vibrates at its own rate of vibration - including you. Only when you combine your conscious awareness of this vibration with your focus and will, can you alter your reality. The real secret to “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction,” is just the practical application of mental transmutation. Such as actively choosing to change your mental state (your thoughts,  what you think, how you emotionally feel) alters your vibration to match your frequency. The real method of mastering your environment is through working on your personal vibration.

You know that it is vital that you maintain a mindset of well-directed emotions, while also sending loving thoughts out into your environment. This is how you create a large ripple of influence and a current within the entire matrix. Your will empowers it.

You are intrinsically aware that alignment is not all about focusing on “attracting”, the real power source behind manifesting has always been your vibration. When you vibrate your frequency out into the ether, your dominant energetic patterns are drawn back towards you. For they manifest in your reality in the form of synchronicities, things, people and experiences that are an exact match of alignment to your set vibration.

4. You know that polarity really means power.

Opposites are said to actually be identical; they differ only by degrees and this makes them seem totally different. You know that everything in our physical reality has its own opposite and that all extremes meet. Polarity is all about extreme opposites, which are actually different degrees of the same thing - and because of that they are in the same continuum (aka. “thing”). Temperature extremes such as hot and cold aren’t distinct phenomena in themselves, but in fact, they are the same thing. Their only difference lies in the matter of degrees.

On the mental plane, polarity manifests as phenomenons (aka. continuums) such as love and hate, fear and courage, greed and compassion. These polar-opposites are simply varying degrees of the same “thing”. You know that polarity is all about the natural duality in all things, where all opposites are merely halves of a greater whole. The difference is always determined by your vibration and being aware of where you are vibrating. Some emotions are at a higher frequency (love, joy), whereas others are on a lower frequency (hate, fear). These are representations of polar opposites.

You know that as you persevere to observe your mind you can work towards shifting your perception towards Unity. You know that this is one of the old alchemical secrets that raise you above and beyond what your brain has been continuously conditioned to perceive.

5. You know that everything is in constant flow and has its tides.

The Universe is not running at a chaotic and disorderly rate. It is actually quite orderly and is continuously moving to specific rhythms. Specific rhythms appear everywhere in nature all around us. The seasons and its cycles, the shifting and pulling of the tides, birth, death, and the stages of growth: these are the rhythms and patterns we see within Nature. Like a pendulum, rhythm flows. Swaying, flowing and swinging from left to right, back and forth, back and forth, indefinitely and infinitely. It doesn’t matter where you are, something is either growing or it’s dying. 

Rhythm governs the cycles of society and the economy. Just like the ebb and flow of water, there are times of high tides and low tides. Always flowing, just another example of a cycle, it’s a rhythm, it’s a pattern. Every pair of opposites has its own rhythm that happens outside of time in movement, in a finely aligned dance. This rhythm is the dance of the Universe and it enables the transition from one opposite pole to another.

You know that for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. And after every success, there will be failure. You know that as when living in abundance, may (soon) be times of scarcity. Knowing this, being aware of rhythm, is quite important to your mental state and wellbeing. When shit hits the fan, you know that the key is not to be negatively influenced by the harsh pendulum swing. That’s it. It’s not always easy though.

The main focus for every human being is to simply not get / be attached to anything. It’s important also not to base your happiness and emotional wellbeing on external circumstances, people, or objects. For these are always outside of your control and that spending any time focusing on these external circumstances is the main cause of anxiety.

You know it is your own highest and best interest to strive towards a mindful and neutral state of mind. One that is blissfully unattached no matter what conditions you find yourself in. You know that the goal is to consciously be the observer in any situation that you find yourself in and to be open and receptive to any information from a truly neutral perspective. This neutral perspective strives towards being in absolute acceptance of all things exactly as they are (especially to influence things to a better and more desired state in your soon to be future).

6. You know that there is importance in every thought, word, choice, and action.

The choices you make are causes in themselves. Whether choices are made consciously or not, these choices and actions always produce their corresponding outcomes and effects. If you reflect on your life, you can see (especially in hindsight) the effects and results of specific actions or inactions taken. Whatever you put out (cause) will have a result (effect). The same is true with personal relationships.

For example, if you happen to treat the important people in your life with love, compassion, respect, and honesty (causes) you may experience loving and solid relationships that are fulfilling and rewarding to your wants, desires, happiness and state of mind (effects). You know that you can be successful in any area of your life. Whatever it is. Whether you desire a more favourable outcome in business, relationships, or love… You know that should you exert the same efforts (causes) that others before you have exerted and achieve success (effects) you shall also.

You also know how to emulate the saying “fake / faith it till you make it,” while also remembering to take the necessary steps in doing the things that others who inspire you have done (minor action) to get where they wanted to go / get what they wanted. Eventually, you know you’ll end up with the same kind of success (massive action) and results over a period of time. If you stick to it!

It's the embodiment of the statement of I AM. I + A = M.
Intention + Action = Magic.

7. You know that everything has Feminine and Masculine energy.

The Masculine Principle always exists in the direction of giving out, freedom, expression. This principle is connected to the will to achieve something and take the necessary action required. Masculinity embodies Yang energy. The Sun and its flames heat the Earth while simultaneously nourishing it. The Feminine Principle always exists in the direction of receiving, absorbing, reflecting; it is connected to the subconscious and has a much larger field of operation. Femininity embodies Yin energy. The Moon as a satellite, with its control of the tides, is the embodiment of water that heals and restores the wounded warrior.

It is vital that these two forces are always in balance. Without the Feminine, the Masculine tends to act without restraint, order, and reason, often resulting in chaos. Whereas the Feminine alone tends to be in a state of constant reflection and fails to act or do anything, which often results in stagnation.

You know that your conscious thought process must be rooted in the sacred union of both the Masculine and Feminine principles and that when both the Masculine and Feminine principles within you are working together, you experience effortless meaningful action that will always lead to success.

8. You know that in order to change anything in your life, you must care.

You are aware that the driving force that really makes anything happen, is you (has anyone seen the Lorax?). It’s actually up to you, whether you care or not, to begin generating your own life experiences. To care is to create, and to create is to care. This means to care about your every thought, word, feeling, and action - and their effects. Care is the combination of desire and will together and which then becomes manifest in our world.

You care on a day-to-day basis and this becomes the conscious driving force behind your thoughts and actions. You know that it is not enough to just talk about what changes we want to see in the world and that it’s much more than just feeling “right”. Because if something means enough to you and you care enough to actually want to change anything about it, you create the change through doing your part with outer actions.

You know that the Law of Attraction is really just a basic law of the Universe, which in itself runs through all of the seven Universal Laws listed above. You see the Law of Attraction as the technical output of the lost Law of Care. You remember that the symbol of the Seed of Life is the all-encompassing circle that is the container for all the other universal principles and laws. For you are the container like the Seed of Life and this hidden and lost Law is the one that governs all of creation itself.

If you ever feel led to dig in, clear, and create good things in transforming your own inner experience, I can’t wait to see you on the inside of my course on mastering your magic called Magical Rituals: Radical Magic. You can get the full course on revolutionizing your relationship with magic and the universe here. This is all very exciting. I love you.

[Written & Published by: Tara Pilaprat Aug 14 2017.]

Tara xo

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