your will is enough

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The theme of my life for the last month has been messy, deep, INNER WORK.

In the past month of August alone I've had the highest highs, followed by the lowest of lows, and a pattern exposing itself out of chaos that was occurring all throughout the last few weeks. 

It was messy.

While I’ve been working on understanding my life and what has been popping up for me presently, I’ve realized no one really talks about the inner stuff, including myself sometimes. I know it's not always easy talking about the dark inner stuff. 

And, as far as teachers go, no one shines a light on how TRUE spiritual work happens in a chaotic, but beautiful way. When, really, the chaos that we experience is supposed to help us evolve into truth and beauty. 

Here's what happened for me...

All of my insecurities that were buried deep within me about my relationship came roaring out. I know that I needed to go through this discomfort and destructive emotions because the emotions needed to be felt, honored and addressed. For me, the most productive and soulful way forward, is always and will always be through the darkest parts of myself. 

I was being called from within to explore my deepest fears and my hidden resentments that were linked to my emotions, until I discovered that was missing link was my inner alignment to what was actually true.

I was being called to address what was out of alignment with my truth, and get back into alignment about what I knew to be TRUE.  

My mind was processing my emotions and filtering them with fears.

My heart knew what I wanted without the confusion or chaos.

So, I went into my discomfort of my mind and carried it deep inside my heart and asked it to give me the answers I needed. 

As I spoke internally, I felt the alignment happen deep within me when I settled into the truth of what I really cherished and desired for deep down in my relationship.

I could feel the clarity stand out and radiate in comparison. I could feel the resonance deep down within me, as the answers with my heart were much truer than any of my fears (in my mind).

That's how the fog lifted and how the albatross of my self-doubt disappeared.

My clarity came back. My soul now nourished from truly juicing my emotions and my heart exploded like a rocket to clear the energy and situation in my reality.

Let's just say, the heart is your secret weapon. 

The universe took my desires that were placed in my heart and radiated them out so explosively, that I naturally attracted a beautiful happening in less than 24 hours.

The resolution of my inner emotional mess lead me towards experiencing even more love and intimacy in my relationship.

Which is to say, that is what I wanted deep down, all along. ;)

So if you are still following me, my point is, what I wanted, intended and willed for, deep within my heart, was so enough, that it manifested what I wanted faster than just thought alone.

The key is inner alignment.

Tara xo

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