Love & Testimonials 💖

Tara, well what can I say, other than you my dear are an absolute LIFE CHANGER. I am a completely different person to who I was on Day 1 of this experience. I feel empowered. I feel in tune with my inner voice and intuition. I am able to communicate in my relationships much more effectively. I am able to play along with life, enjoy it more and surrender knowing that my journey and purpose is already written. I am able to share knowledge with friends and help them through tough times. I am able to teach. My relationship with my son has been enriched… and most importantly my relationship with ME is bang on AMAZING. I’m ready for more and I have so much learning still to do. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your own personal journey with all of us. You are personal and genuinely working in this field from your soul with true purpose and love.
— Bianca Trainer
Tara is a very gentle and compassionate teacher - she has a great deal of humility regarding her own journey and the things she’s clearly achieved. To me, it feels like she took all the knowledge I had (and then some) and reorganized it into a pathway that is clear and easy to see. It’s one thing to have spent years reading and acquiring knowledge - it’s another to combine it and organize it into a cohesive body of information that is designed to enable the receiver to grow into it. Tara is a very gentle and compassionate teacher. She has a great deal of humility regarding her own journey and the things she’s clearly achieved.
— Tiana Flowers
Tara is doing the right thing. There is so much passion and deep thought in her words, it’s hard to breathe when you read them. For those seeking for something beyond what everyone else is regurgitating. She’s found it. She’s been mining the diamond in the darkness.
— Nicole Colton
Tara is raw and authentic. 😊💜And her teaching style is amazing. I cannot say enough how much Magical Rituals: Radical Magic’s set up resonates with me.
— Michelle Desloges
Hi love! I’m in awe of all of what’s coming up from your program. I’ll admit that I had my own judgements of what it would be like and it’s been SO much more and then some. From my dreams to stepping into my own power in different domains.
— Gabriella Villacourta
I was definitely skeptical about paying to take an online course I knew little about, but it was so, so worth it. I still carry with me the lessons I learned, especially regarding gratitude and letting go of resistance. I found this course while I was going through some dark nights of the soul, and having these lessons to turn to each day helped me cope with it, and to come out of that a lighter, happier me. Tara’s teaching style is casual and conversational - more like a friend than an instructor. She also shares anecdotes from her own personal journey, which makes you feel connected, like you’re doing this together instead of some random stranger just telling you what to do. This is still the only personal growth, spiritual and/or magic-oriented class that I’ve been willing to pay for sight-unseen, as it were. There really is just something about the way Tara communicates, even via online, that resonates and connects with the magic inside. This course really did improve my life, and I still carry most of the lessons with me day to day. I am super grateful that I found and took Magical Rituals: Radical Magic.
— Sarah Payne
Magical Rituals: Radical Magic truly was, and is, magical. It inspired me to allow myself to drop the skepticism and consider my daily life from a new, positive, self-loving and trusting perspective. Embracing the lessons every day was a good way to stay grounded and fight against both mundane daily stresses and the big negative events that you may experience that still weigh on you. The topics of the course were synching up with my life and started to become exactly what I needed to hear each day. I was surprised to find out how “magical” I had secretly been all along, without consciously engaging with it. The conscious engagement with the topics is what makes it so powerful. If you are committed to participating in each lesson (even if you fall behind sometimes, like I did) you quickly find yourself transforming into a more mindful and positive state of being. This course helped me guide myself away from the negative rut I had found myself in mentally and encouraged me to start seeing and experiencing everyday life in a more magical way. All this without sounding preachy or academic! The real-life anecdotes written into the lessons were very personal and would take courage to share, they add a great human touch and sense that the techniques being shared really are for the everyday person. The lessons are also so worth saving, forever and revisiting whenever you need to! Thank you!
— Brittney Sorensen