Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Level 2

magical rituals: radical magic level 2 fxywlf magic course
magical rituals: radical magic level 2 fxywlf magic course

Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Level 2

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It’s fantastic to change how you feel about your inner magic. Now that you are empowered with true magic... Once you’ve done that, it’s time to REALLY step it up. There is more to go! Why not discover the next level of your magic and enter the realm of the body, healing, health and radiant magic. Radiance is wellness. Radiance is abundance. Why not attract really high levels of miracles, happiness, and adventure - - and attract a life that gives you what you’re really worth? Why not trust the message and take the chance to step into believing that you are truly worth having everything you want - - including radiance, magnetism and an epically magical undying connection to your body's consciousness. Whom ALWAYS has a say in what you do, doesn't it? Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Level 2 is an 21 day course and series to help you learn how to connect to your body, decode and clear the messages it is giving you so that you clear yourself of the much deeper blocks that have been holding you back and so much more!

BONUS: Includes virtual masterclass to success & strategy, Haus Magic.

You’ll get:

▲ Daily meditations, assignments & affirmations.
▲ 22+ (truly life changing) lessons.
▲ Recordings for each of the lessons.
▲ Daily (fun!) homework.
▲ Lifetime access & Unlimited replays.
▲ Exclusive access to the Private FB Group.

How it works!

This 3 week course is held completely online! Each day you will gain access to all course content through the membership. Receive Instant Access to all Pre-Work upon enrollment.​ You have all content and updates for life.

You can dig into the content at your own pace — it isn’t going anywhere. You get immediate access to the super important Pre-Work. The subsequent modules are released daily thereafter.


▲ Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Level 2 Workbook: Includes your homework for each lesson and each module. Designed to prompt and support you as you move through the course content!
▲ Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Level 2 Audio & Transcript of each module: If you learn by reading instead of watching, I’ve got your back!
▲ Daily Transformational (fun!) homework: It's deep but worth it!
▲ Haus Magic Masterclass: Includes everything you need to know about strategy and success.
▲ Unlimited Replays + Lifetime access + Updates
▲ Peer-to-Peer Support Group: Access to the Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Level 2 Facebook Group for additional support, wisdom and love. This is designed to be a safe space to ask questions and receive feedback from each other.

Magical Rituals Level 2 was designed to help you:

>> Get ridiculously clear on your connection to your body and its communication style.
>> Believe in yourself and the power of your body, fiercely.
>> Increase your capacity for greater levels of healing and radiance.
>> Release, once again, your tendency to play, think and act small.
>> Align yourself with your truth in all you do... like, yesterday.
>> Rise up to a new level of self-love, power & purpose.
>> Look your limitations and resistance and fear and challenges in the face.
>> Expand your current capacity for experiencing adventure, abundance, joy & passion.
>> Dedicate to receiving your desires and being amazed at what the body and universe is capable of.


MODULE 1: GET CONNECTED. GET CONFIDENT: Connection is always the first step to getting where you want to go. This week is about getting massively clear on the messages from your body and translate that into your authentic being. This will transform your vibe, energy, and state of being instantly. This lesson alone is absolutely life changing. 

Confidently embrace the uniqueness that is you. It's time to love, accept, believe in and embrace yourself, body and gifts... so that others can do the same. Let's squishing doubt, fear, dread, and self-consciousness about your work. It’s absolutely vital that you know and believe with every ounce of you that your state of wellness is massively important. I share my personal daily steps to keep myself boldly and unapologetically believing in the work of this kind of magic. Once we are clear there, I will I teach you how to use your body's clues to guide you toward answers that will lead to ultimate healing and well-being (almost immediately). We will learn how to communicate with your own body so that you start to heal in ways that you NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD. 

MODULE 2: GET DRAMA & CONFLICT FREE. MY FAVORITE PART: It's my job to teach you everything I know about becoming magic (for real) and that involves clearing out any and all of your old crap. Because your body will not heal you if you aren't listening to what it's already telling you. It’s time to show up in life and in your body with purpose. I will share with you my strategies for experiencing immediate clearing and how to heal practically any "body thing / ailment". These healing strategies will show you how to fully allow and heal yourself in the process - almost instantaneously.

Let's climb out of the dark abyss and boldly be a leader when it comes to our body, and unapologetically become our natural radiant version of ourselves. This is the major ways I attract healing, energy, abundance and money. I will also share my process for getting clear around my body and life goals and standing behind them until they are mine. I will go into decoding, overcoming current situations around health, and improving your health and wellness over time. I also give you my radiance meditation for achieving an on going state of unbelievable wellness. This process and mindset that I share in this course, is a massive contributor to the abundance and prosperity that is growing in my life. I will share how I infused practicality and spirituality in earning my desired state of health and wellness. It simply wouldn’t be one of my courses if we didn’t manifest our desires. 

MODULE 3: GET CREATIVE. GET POWERFUL. In this module I clear up some of the most commonly asked questions around how the mind cures the body. Unleashing the power of miracles without feeling silly. Learning the secrets to the mind, when your family thinks you're crazy. Infusing seemingly different aspects of yourself / your work together into one being. How to use your intuition as medicine. How to be the leader, run the show, drop the fear, change your mind and keep going... every day -- and allow healing to take place. That is, once you have heard the message your body and superconsciousness is trying to tell you. We'll wrap everything up with learning the 4 powerful secret phrases that takes your life from being completely upside down to a miraculously balanced and magical right-side up, and finally getting the peace and healing (and magic and MYSTICISM) that you so deserve and was missing from your life.

​Power is often a dirty word in spiritual circles, but listen, power is just influence that comes from within. What type of NEXT LEVEL influence do you desire? What do you feel called to in terms of how massive your empowering, impactful living becomes?! I am here to give you permission to set a ridiculously BIG vision around what you are here to achieve, do and how next level your life can be. You can have whatever you want. 

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