Magical Rituals: Radical Magic

magical rituals: radical magic fxywlf magic course
magical rituals: radical magic fxywlf magic course

Magical Rituals: Radical Magic

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My most popular course ever! My most sacred container!

Experience the numinous. For magic isn’t just about having the right "affirmation" or "spell"... It’s also about knowing deep down what really makes you magic. Over the course of five weeks, I’m going to lead you through a series of rituals, exercises, and activities that will level up your mindset around "synchronicity", "manifesting" and "the soul", we will bust through your limiting blocks so that we manifest some serious miracles.

Now is the time to connect to your inner magic!

BONUS: Includes Masterclass: The 12 Laws of Magic.

You’ll get:

▲ Daily meditations, assignments & affirmations.
▲ 40 (truly life changing) lessons.
▲ Recordings for each of the lessons.
▲ Daily (fun!) homework.
▲ Lifetime access & Unlimited replays.
▲ Exclusive access to the Private FB Group.

How it works!

This 6-week course is held completely online! Each day you will gain access to all course content through the membership. Receive Instant Access to all Pre-Work upon enrollment.​ You have all content and updates for life.

You can dig into the content at your own pace — it isn’t going anywhere. You get immediate access to the super important Pre-Work. The subsequent modules are released daily thereafter.

Includes / What You Get:

▲ Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Workbook: Includes your homework for each lesson and each module. Designed to prompt and support you as you move through the course content!
▲ Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Audio & Transcript of each module: *new this year* If you learn by reading instead of watching, I’ve got your back!
▲ Daily Transformational (fun!) homework: It's deep but worth it!
▲ 12 Laws of the Universe Masterclass: Includes everything you need to know about the laws that govern the universe - most importantly, manifesting.
▲ Unlimited Replays + Lifetime access + Updates
▲ Peer-to-Peer Support Group: Access to the Magical Rituals: Radical Magic Facebook Group for additional support, wisdom and love. This is designed to be a safe space to ask questions and receive feedback from each other.

Magical Rituals was designed to help you:

>> Identify your personal souls strategy, master your shadow and learn the unique gifts for helping yourself create growth and healing in your own life.
>> Learn the skills for creating a supportive environment that enables easy and effortless change and transformation within your reality.
>> Form your strategy for establishing your magical presence. Make it easy for magic to find you.
>> Identify who in the world needs your gifts and magic and what it is you do to help them.
>> Integrate trust and ease into the shadow-work and the manifestation process.
>> Allow yourself to receive signs and synchronicity - and manifest quicklly and easily via your connection to the universe, and the world around you.
>> Make sh*t easier. Less effort. More flow. Every day.


The Basics of Magical Rituals: Radical Magic. Workbook, calendar, tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing and a fresh perspective around first starting to develop your magical mindset.

What It Takes to Access Universal Wisdom. How to make an impact immediately and influence the universe while forming a relationship to the energies around you

​▲ MODULE 1: Your Magical Tool-Kit: This is the magical foundations portion of 20 years of practice and study all in one module. We will go over: 1) Surrendering to the Universe skills. 2) Tracking dreams and understanding dreams skills. 3) How to create a supportive magical environment 4) How to integrate magic into your life no matter what your family / friends believes. 5) How to go deeper into the world of noticing magic beyond the mundane. 6) How to create change. 7) Knowing that you already have the skills and techniques necessary to creating change and influencing your life, is imperative to being a successful magic and manifesting practitioner.

​▲ MODULE 2: Getting Clear, Vision. Goals: Before we dive deeper, I want to help you get clear on a few things: This is where we go into how to harness synchronicity and how to achieve desired results. Do you know what kind of life you have been living, and what kind of legacy you want to leave? Who do you want in life, and who do you want to help? How do you see yourself helping yourself and others? This is where we will zone in on when to act and when to not do anything at all,  and what the universe needs from you. When you know what your next inspired intention is, finding it becomes easy. Don’t worry; I know what questions to ask to help you get clear.

​▲ MODULE 3: Believing in Yourself and Becoming the Flow: If you don’t believe in your magic and what you've manifesting (even unconsciously) until now, you will go nowhere fast. We will talk about how gratitude is the key to amplifying your vibration to attract the right things and be abundant... and what limiting beliefs are standing in your way of being in the real vortex -- and how to break through them. I will guide you through questioning what you see and how to form a life around your dreams on purpose.

​▲ MODULE 4: Super Clarity, Diving Deep and Knowing Your Story: If you don’t know your own souls story, you won't fully "get" the whole picture. We will talk about what the hidden story has been in your life, and how to turn the proverbial lemons into lemonade, and how to feed it to the haters in your life. I will guide you through telling your stories, accessing your secret weapon, and infusing the magic of a scared space into your life.

​▲ MODULE 5: Embracing Your Magic: Let's get serious and be noticed. Getting yourself out there while establishing yourself as a leader in your life as the main influencer and how to get your subconscious aligned -- instead of wreaking havoc and manifesting unconscious desires. Get into the synchronicity portal with with ease (in such a way that it will grow with you and serve you for years to come) and how to stay there. We will talk about why celebration rules creation and manifestation and how to use that to your advantage to create a life you desire like an artist. Finally, you will meet chaos and make it your ally for surviving through the many dark nights of the soul. 

​▲ MODULE 6: Become High Calibre Magic: In this module you will learn how to recognize any and all of the signs and messages from the higher realms, your guides, and become fully attuned to the energy of everything around you. Here I will show you how to personally meet your spirit guides that are always around you and cheering you on. Here you will learn how to fully participate as a juicy co-creator with others in your life and also how to find others, to co-create with you. I will show you how you can fully realize yourself as a tool for the universe.

​▲ MODULE 7: Combining the Realms of the Lower and the Higher: You will learn all about how to access the grounding energies of mother earth, and how to anchor your energy to fuel your body with vitality and conduit the energy for healing purposes. I will talk about how to become the observer and how to recognize the real magician that is divinely orchestrating everything for you, from behind the veil. Here we will take it up a notch by going straight to the source and accessing higher knowledge. This is the module where I release your lesson on entering the spiritual heart of the mystics to become a fountain of where magic REALLY flows. Plus there will be some super effective homework assignments given to get you out in the world using, sharing, and believing in your magic! Yay!

​▲ MODULE 8: Step Into Your Shadow: In this module you will gain a clear perspective of your subconscious and shadow. We make sure before you go on that you know how to get into alignment and how to master your vibrational frequency. Find out in this lesson how to read the signs and the patterns along the path, and how to navigate your life with them as your guide posts. Next, we will work to overcome any resistances to manifesting, success and actualizing your natural and inherent power. Finally, you will learn how to heal your haunting past that may be standing in the way of influencing your life and thus potentially blocking you.

​▲ MODULE 9: Your Shadow Is Your Ticket To Ride: We bring it all together. In this module we break karmic restraints, we forgive, we heal our core wounds and set the vision, cast goals, and awaken to our natural innocence. I explain how to combine the practical, the hidden and the spiritual for massive growth in your magic.

​▲ MODULE 10: Become Everyday Magic: This is Next Level Manifesting. Let’s kick it up another notch. In this final module, I teach manifesting from the level I currently live at to help energetically elevate you and your belief in yourself and your power to attract even more of what you want and even more amazing experiences. This involves how you can awaken and heal your divine inner child and enchanting the very things around you.

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