Sex Magic: 6-Week Course on Sexual Alchemy

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Sex Magic: 6-Week Course on Sexual Alchemy

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Want to master aspects of ecstasy, sex and manifesting in your life?

Our sexual energy is one of the most powerful sources of manifestation available to humans. Yet it's one that's thoroughly under utilized, having deep imbedded shame around it (not to mention the fear of witches, who heal through utilizing their energy). In this practice of sex magic you’re using your sexual energy - to manifest your desires. You’re using your sexual energy as fuel. It’s basically one of the most powerful sources of manifestation available to humans. Yet one that is thoroughly under utilized, and has deep embedded shame around it.

A lot of us have shame around our desires. Fear around getting what we really want. So this course also works toward uncovering our shadows when it comes to manifestation and magic. 

Sex Magic is about remembering how to properly channel your natural sexual energy to manifest what you want in life. It’s a rather ancient and mysterious art.

Sex Magic is not just about sex - but includes sex. When you overhaul your understanding, and begin to channel your energy through the methods in this course, everything changes…

… and when you understand your personal sensual power - you become a magnet for what you want.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself are a clear mind, a joyful heart, and plenty of ecstatic energy. When you have those, everything else flows easily.

Over the courses journey, I’ll show you how to approach sex and sexual energy from a brand new angle, and we’ll work together to bring out your most glorious and desirable self… And draw in exactly what you’re looking for!


- how to create a solid intention that works for sex magic
- how to harness your sexual energy to use it for manifesting your desires.
- how to do shadow work to understand what might be blocking you from your manifestations.
- how to recognize that this work is sacred and holy work, not just work of the "gluttonous or greedy".
- how to channel your sexual energy through powerful embodied practices.


▲ 6 weekly lessons, home play dates, meditations and assignments.
▲ Recordings for each of the lessons.
▲ Homework and home-play (fun!).
▲ Lifetime access & Unlimited replays.

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