60-Minute Social Media Coaching Session

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60-Minute Social Media Coaching Session


This is for you, if you…

▲You are on a mission to inspire others.
▲You feel that there is a revolution happening, I know you can feel it.
▲Instagram is your happy place. :)
▲You want to feel more confident and clear about your gifts, and how to share them.
▲ You want to call in your tribe, and build a heart-centred supportive community.
▲You want to feel supported and celebrated for sharing who you REALLY are, even if that feels a little scary.
▲You have 0-10k followers, but especially if you have less than 3,000.
▲You wonder "how do I find my tribe?"
​▲You are ready gain the right followers, who are aligned with your mission (and get rid of those spam accounts)?
▲You want to get your message out there to the people who really need to hear it?
▲You are planning to get paying clients from Instagram by sharing your world?
▲Wonder why do other people’s Instagram feeds look so pretty, but yours feels all over the place?
▲You want to share, but you want it to feel genuine & authentic, not spammy or pushy, how do you do that?
▲You want to know how to figure out the whole hashtag thing to bring the right people to your page?

You’ll get:

▲ 1 x 60-minute coaching call (you can be anywhere in the world).
▲ A detailed email summary of our call with relevant social media homework and resources.
▲ Trainings and worksheets relevant to your social media goals.

You will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to my schedule to book your session.

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