how to align yourself with magic and synchronicity

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Since I started @fxywlf, I have received hundreds upon hundreds of burning questions from so many of YOU!

About spirituality, alignment and manifesting and shadow work (so many good questions!!!) -- and I want to make it a thing, where I answer your Q's regularly.

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Question: How do you align yourself with (your inner) magic and synchronicities?

After years of doing magic deep in the trenches of real life and in attempting to make things happen and "manifest" with my will and the universe - one thing I do know - That it is DOABLE and once you know what to look for, it can be EFFORTLESS. 

In everyday life settings, setting goals for ourselves and making plans are basically built into our DNA, and as human beings, we happen love this because it drives us. This drive keeps us humans busy, it keeps us going, it gives us what we think of as our responsibility and purpose! 

Most of the time, plans and goals are realistic and smart, because they actually do help us achieve all the things. But, it’s when we FIXATE too much on achieving our goals and desires,, we tend to get in our own way. By thinking that we know what’s best and thinking we can control the outcomes, we relentlessly pursue the path of our ego. By trying to be in control, we do it at the unknown expense of cutting off our sense of communication with the universe and its divine flow - and this kind of thinking and behaviour keeps us from being present and from manifesting what is of the highest good. 

We must open our minds to the possibility that our souls really are trying to meet us more than half way (in the attainment of your goals and desires, whatever they are). Which, is like the ultimate LETTING GO and of letting something take care of YOU, WHILE you hustle and take action. When you do this, you align with the universe and the universe aligns with you. 

When you are in the practice of regularly living in this mode of being, free of doubt, free of the illusion of control, you can finally slow down enough to learn how to pay attention to the "happenings" you experience that bring you closer to awe, miracles and wonder.

Next, in this mode of flow and being, you will finally bear witness and recognize the truth. Which is that we are all surrounded by a sea of sublime abundance — that flows directly to us - and also that this extremely pervasive and mysterious intelligence which rules the universe and material world (aka. reality) is ours to connect with and actively influence! 

All we have to do is pay attention. Pay attention to the signs, symbols and synchronicity that hold meaning to us — and that is at play in our lives. 

These signs and symbols and happenings are also called synchronicities. Synchronicities are defined as: those meaningful coincidences that happen, where events in our outer world somehow manage to wildly mirror something happening our inner world (as you may already know). 

Experiencing a synchronicity brings together events in such a way as to appear purely coincidental and against all odds, at first. Perhaps they weird you out or you think to yourself  “This is so weird, I can’t believe that happened.” Or, “What a coincidence, what are the odds?” We all think this. However, these synchronistic happenings are always unexpected, improbable, and when viewed from a larger perspective, they prove to be integral pieces that fit perfectly into one’s larger life puzzle and picture. 

In hindsight, we can always see how these events shape who we are and become over time.

When and if you find yourself experiencing synchronistic events, this is the universe sending you information, feedback or providing you with confirmation, that you are on the right path - and synchronicity is THE sign you need that opens you up to the potential future happenings of something better such as something you prefer, occurring in your life.

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to deeply understand how you can use your inner magic to focus and fuel your desires?

If you answered yes, I’d love for you to join me for the Magical Rituals: Radical Magic a unique opportunity to not only learn the intricacies of each layer and level to your magic, but to harness their energy to powerfully manifest your greatest desires. Join us!

Tara xo

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