quiz: how successful are you at influencing your reality?

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Hi loves,

I am dealing with ________ will this work for me, will this help me?

Since opening enrollment into my Magical Rituals course, that has been the most asked question. 

And it's a valid question. 

What do you think? 
If you are dealing with a busy lifestyle that doesn’t promote freedomhow would your inner magic help you?
If you are 
dealing with staying focused on one intention / task, how would your inner magic help you?
If you are 
dealing with being consistent, how would your inner magic help you?
If you are 
dealing with battling with the ego and trusting the process/journey, how would your inner magic help you?
If you are 
dealing with not knowing what to do and where to go, how would your inner magic help you?
If you are 
dealing with feeling disconnected from your guides and basic gifts, how would your inner magic help you?
But before answering that question you have to understand the physics your inner magic… 

Take this quiz: 

You have a soul.

It has a body and a mind.

The mind interprets everything around you.

You create a magnetic field.

Producing the reality.

Yet, you do not know how this whole influence thing works and therefore don’t really believe that it works. 

Question: How successful does that make you in influencing your reality? 

There are obviously a lot of variables involved. But take a rough guess. 






How many? 

Answer = 100% 

You are always influencing your reality.

For example... 

I have found that there is a fairly straight forward way to predict the outcome or suss the energy of any given situation. 

When I l first started out influencing my reality (on purpose this time) I noticed that every situation I came across, either called for:

1. Dealing with something presently on the go.
2. Dealing with letting go of something.
3. Attempting to attract something completely new.

But here is where it gets crazy simple... 

If you want to increase the success of experiencing your intended and desired outcomes (in all situations), all you need to do is double down on the only thing YOU can control. 


100% success rate - remember?

Make sense? 

The reason this works is one thing: YOUR MIND.

The best way to know what is going to happen, is to know yourself.

With your mind you also have direct link and access to a group of guides, your higher self, and your subconscious shadowy self - that are there for you to contact them for any reason, anytime, no matter what. 

This is what a successful co-creation looks like. 

with guides fxywlf.png

Without your team of guides and cheerleaders? 

without guides fxywlf.png

All you have to do is ask your questions to your guides with complete clarity and honesty. 

Start explaining the situation and what you need help with.

And you start getting answers. 
How soon? 

Well that depends on four things:

1. How deep is your surrender?

2. Do you trust that you will get the answers you seek?

3. How well you understand the language of the soul.

4. How good of a job you do paying attention.

Inside of my course, I will show you how to build the foundations such as these of your inner magic from scratch. 

Then I take you through my process for establishing a deep relationship with your soul (and higher-self / God / the Universe).

Want to join?

If you're ready to get to work, you can be building the foundations of your magical tool-kit in the next 5 minutes. 

Just like this babe… 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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