how to get rid of self-doubt for good

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I have something to share with you today.

Did you know… that recently I realized that I appear to have a lot of controversial beliefs. I suppose I’m not shocked. Many of the things I teach about soulful magic and manifesting, are wildly contrary to what the other ‘experts’ say.

In line with this, today we are talking about self-doubt. Which is something that I have been emailed about A LOT. So this is going to be just a small riff on one of the most important underlying lessons that I teach (in my Magical Rituals course). These lessons are some of the most powerful trainings about real spirituality, manifesting, magic and metaphysics that I have ever created.

Which brings me back to clearing all of the funky energy around self-doubt.

Here is the thing: Self-doubt is not good or bad. Self-doubt is a sign that you need to pay attention to something within you (and your mind / thinking process / beliefs) that is currently off and not aligned with your desire - and your higher-self’s opinion of the truth.

When you stop making it a “bad thing” that you feel any doubt at all on things that you’re now wish and desire to do, you can take the pressure off. When we put a major emphasis on self-doubt, the fear, anxiety, dread, worry, pity and shame all come flooding in, and add up, causing you to feel ‘buried’.

Listen to me: Self-doubt in itself does not have that much power over you or your life. It only has the power that you give it. Like fear. Hear me out. It doesn’t have to mean anything at all about you, your worth, your value, your future successes - that you have doubt.

Many people with self-doubt are afraid to stand out, live authentically, be adventurous, or enjoy their life - and they are always pausing themselves. People with self-doubt feel that they are not allowed to live a happy life … and that is technically true, because this permeating doubt that is stopping you from being feeling joy around creating a life you deserve, needs to gets tackled first.

I’ve seen women sabotage their dreams because they were focusing only on reasons why they doubt themselves and their abilities to the point that they had delayed achieving their dreams and goals - to a point of now having no energy to enjoy what was even coming in. From there, they felt little motivation to continue to dream, create, receive, and attract what they want most of all. It snuffed out their inner fire.

Here is how I silenced my self-doubt... I decided not to effing worry about it. I did the practical and spiritual work around my inner self and inner world. I also am very intentional about becoming a vibrational match for all the things I desire. Because of this inner alignment work, I experience crazy amounts of synchronicities and signs (and getting what I want), and I still am not really worrying a lot anymore about the self-doubt I previously had.

I stopped making it a big deal anymore.

I wasn’t ignoring my doubt. I was very aware of how much doubt I had in my mind, and how much that took over all of my precious magnetic thought power.

I believe in being intimate with your thoughts, as they are the seeds of your manifested experiences to come. I just wasn’t making my doubt mean anything.

You can use this method for ANYTHING that you don’t want in your life.

Passion for my goals and mission, gratitude for everything that I already have, joy and abundance were my desires. So, I started to allow myself to create my life in line with those desires.

While I sometimes felt guilty around having negative thoughts and self-doubt, and believed I was “supposed to” be “realistic”, my true desire was to master myself and create consciously, make a lot of what I want happen, learn how to be self-employed, soon begin to travel the world, and then purchase all the things I wanted with all that extra prosperity and abundance. Eventually, I really wanted something so different, that I naturally got bored of the all of the doubt - and I really wanted to have the experience of having more cosmic magic in the bank - so to speak.

Through the energy of me desiring having a surplus of synchronicities that align with my desires and me getting them and around me actually going after my dreams and goals - my doubt was gone within six months and has been replaced with faith and certainty just as fast. The thing is, all my doubt and limited thinking has now been pulled out by the roots, because nothing in me has room for this kind of questioning myself anymore. I can’t even believe or imagine having it and wasting my time with it anymore. My now energetic standards around my creating the life of my dreams vs. doubt, are a lot like the emoji of the blonde girl with her arms crossed into an X.


To be clear, as I focused strongly on my desire to connect to my higher-self and understand my shadow self 10000%, create an overflow of synchronicities, definitely more than enough to be grateful for, and the doubt became irrelevant. 

I began to experience more synchronicities than I knew what to do with, so I obviously cut cords with doubt. And because I had made a clear decision that doubt no longer had a place in my life, it never came back. I didn’t focus on doubt, I focused on faith. I focused on feeling like more than enough. I focused on believing in myself so much more than I previously thought possible, that self-doubt was naturally removed from my life.

When you focus on that feeling of inner doubt, you put a lot of pressure on yourself and your logical mind - and you focus a lot of energy on something that you don’t even want. So it’s not shocking that self-doubt often increases and multiplies in this very same energetic state (of more doubt!). And then you want to do something else and happen that brings about the same amount of doubt right back again.

This is the natural amount of doubt that you are currently an energetic match for that is hanging around in your subconscious. You have an availability including an energetic minimum and maximum around everything in life - including faith. And right now your availability for allowing any self-doubt to take over, may not serving you. But this can change. 

If you ever feel led to dig in, clear, and create good things in transforming your own inner experience, I can’t wait to see you on the inside of my course on mastering your magic called Magical Rituals: Radical Magic. You can get the full course on revolutionizing your relationship with magic and the universe here. This is all very exciting. I love you.

Tara xo

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